About Us


The best trampolines for performance and most durable for lasting. A secure investment for your business.
Guzzi Eugenio since 1987 is helping small entrepreneurs to setup their business based on trampolines. On the beach, inside shopping malls, in adventure parks or even inside a family’s entertainment center, you always have the certainty to deal with performance, reliability and safety.
Our trampolines are tough and resistant, designed for the heavy-duty stuff. The standard measurements of frame give us the flexibility to be rapid on the production, but we also take into consideration custom models, for example of trampoline parks, which are fully custom made.


Welcome at Guzzi Eugenio’s, since 1987 the Italian manufacturer of professional trampolines leader in the market of outdoor installation. With an experience of over 30 years in the marketplace, we’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs with their restaurants, FECs, amusement parks, theme parks, adventure parks, resorts, water parks, renting business and entrepreneurship activities.
What Guzzi Eugenio provide so valuable to its customer? If you want to start (or grow) your business, in the leisure and entertainment sector, you must rely on tough and resistant products, that requires no (or very little) maintenance, but at the same time that have high performance in order to attract audience for the prosperity of your business. We are convinced that none of you would entrust your health to a poor doctor, so, even in business, you must rely on the best and most competent.
This is exactly what we do at Guzzi Eugenio’s. We developed trampolines able to:


First of all, our trampolines are highly professional, resistant and long-lasting products, designed for intensive use or in any case suitable for people who use the structure for commercial and business purposes. Therefore, since our typical customers expect our products to last at least ten years in conditions of high stress (difficult climates and / or very high influx of people), we had to design and build our structures with characteristics of resistance such that the prices are absolutely not comparable to those of trampolines intended for private use only (eg round trampolines for sale in the main shopping centers or on the various e-commerce platforms).
In conclusion, we don’t look at price, but we look to quality and performance, certain that these two characteristics together will make your business prosperous in the long run.