Trampolines are extremely attractive and profitable products even if placed in indoor environments. For those who have adequate space we can offer fixed and fully customized structures (i.e. trampoline park), or, for those with little space, we have developed standalone solutions with small square carpets to be able to accommodate more people for the same occupied surface.
Mini Trampolines


Games for outdoor must necessarily be very resistant and long-lived. The trampolines of Guzzi Eugenio meet these characteristics and are the ideal products for theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, campings, seaside and resorts. In addition to the multi-field trampolines, which are historically suitable for any occasion, we have added a very interesting variant that includes airbags to the trampoline, for an improved load capacity and more entertainment.

Choose the best product for you

Multi field Trampolines

Art. 102.1 – 2 seats trampoline

A trampoline for small spaces, resorts, restaurants, gyms or shopping centers

Art. 104.1 – 4 seats trampoline

The most versatile trampoline ever, compact and adequate for any type of use

Art. 106.1 – 6 seats trampoline

The perfect size for those who start their indoor/outdoor business

Art. 108.1 – 8 seats trampoline

For standalone entrepreneurs or medium size entertainment parks

Art. 110.1 – 10 seats trampoline

Suitable for large adventure parks, standalone entrepreneurs and seaside zones

Art. 112.1 – 12 seats trampoline

Especially designed for large audience like those of touristic zones

Trampoline airbag station

ART. TAS.1 – single trampoline with airbag
The best product for renting, festivals, marketing events
ART. TAS.2 – double trampoline with airbag
Designed for amusement parks, resorts, events and renting
ART. TAS.3 – triple trampoline with airbag
Extremely high capability, suitable for large amusement parks

Trampoline park

ART. TP.1 – fixed trampoline park
The classic trampoline park, custom made
based on the customer needs
ART. TP.2 – standalone mini trampoline park
A rentable standalone trampoline park
for indoor and outdoor


Best quality and premium Design, manufacture and export of trampolines for over 30 years, all over the world


Hot-dip galvanized structure resistant over time, jumping nets with high performance and long life


In accordance with the EN-13814 and EN-1176/1177 standards, certified by TÜV Rheinland


Spare parts for trampolines always available ready for delivery, fast shipping within 24 hours

Our trampolines are suitable for every business area

Our trampolines are tough and resistant, designed for the heavy-duty stuff. The standard measurements of frame give us the flexibility to be rapid on the production, but we also take into consideration custom models, for example of trampoline parks, which are fully custom made.