Spare parts for trampolines

Spare parts for trampolines

The area in which Guzzi Eugenio is a world leader? Undoubtedly the spare parts. Our supply chain allows us to quickly supply all the best components to extend the life of our professional trampolines as much as possible. We use the best materials and in fact we have an average duration of the components between 3 and 4 years.

First of all, we have proprietary jump nets, in nylon, of yellow color, with a much improved elasticity compared to the classic black nets that are found around the market. These networks are standard to us and we use them for more or less all kinds of applications. We also have a professional version of these nets with high performance, which we recommend especially for gyms or trampoline parks, but also for all those trampolines whose public is very demanding. The advantage of standard networks is that they are always available for shipment within 24 hours.

Our steel springs with high rigidity, are 27 cm and are much longer than the average 20-21 cm, and therefore really give an extreme boost to our trampolines, and therefore the result of the combination of springs and carpets it is much higher than the average products on the market. The springs are also available in stock for quick dispatch.

Finally, our cushions are made with fireproof and antibacterial sponge, covered with fireproof PVC available in different colors. The perimeter protection net is also available in different colors and is a particular type of soft but extremely resistant net. Both parts are not ready for delivery, but need to be ordered with us before delivery.

Here are the most popular spare parts...

Standard jumping mats

Jumping net with excellent performance and durability - variable length 380-430 cm - fixed width 180 cm - always available in stock - shipping within 24-48 hours.

Professional jumping mats

Long lasting Olympic performance jumping net - variable length 380-430 cm - variable width 180-210 cm - available to order - average timing 2 weeks.

Traction springs

Made with steel with excellent elastic properties - sizes available with length 27 cm and length 23 cm - always available in stock - shipping within 24-48 hours.

Shockproof paddings

Soft antibacterial sponge padding with high thickness - flame retardant pvc cover - very resistant packaging system - fastening straps available.

Some pictures of our accessories for trampolines...

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