Trampoline park

Trampoline park

Why is the trampoline industry back in such fashion nowadays? Well, much of this fame is due to the media echo due to the Trampoline parks. The idea behind it is nice, that is, more or less large buildings, whose surface is entirely, or almost entirely, covered with trampolines and tools suitable for extreme sports and acrobatic jumps. This guarantees the possibility of offering a varied service, not only related to fun, but also to sport and fitness.

This type of business requires a substantial initial investment which is mostly accessible only to large capital. Furthermore, it is necessary to weigh the choice of location with extreme intelligence, as, once installed, the structure (theoretically) will never move again. We are therefore talking about fixed and long-term activities, which require an initial phase of study and consultancy by the Guzzi Eugenio team.

As for the design, it is absolutely mandatory to contact professionals in the sector, as in each country there are specific rules to be respected, and therefore only people navigating in the sector can really take care of your interests in the smallest details to ensure that the business thrives. both in the immediate but also in the more distant future. So be wary of improvised because in this business more than ever, they can cause considerable damage.

After providing an autocad map of the building in which you intend to install the structure, Guzzi Eugenio usually provides a quote accompanied by a 3D rendering that will show you a realistic preview of your trampoline. Inside the park you can choose elements such as “ninja courses”, airbags for acrobatic jumps, climbing walls, high performance trampolines, tubs filled with sponge cubes and many other attractions.

Here are some elements to be included in a trampoline park...


The same used also on the trampoline airbag station. It allows you to do acrobatic jumps and land safely on a soft air cushion.

Jump box

Perfect for the most demanding stunts, such as side walking, and also as a platform for extreme bounce. Often combined with high performance networks.

Climbing wall

Simulates vertical climbing without a rope. Specific projectors that make the element interactive are also available. Combines with the airbag to cushion the fall.


Finally, what we have all always wanted to do is possible: with the push of the trampoline, making a dunk will no longer be a possibility reserved only for tall people.

Some real models to take inspiration from...

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