Used trampolines

Used trampolines

No occasion is better than being able to grab used trampolines by Guzzi Eugenio. In fact, the advantage of our used trampolines is that they are entirely overhauled by us. Clearly they can also be purchased in the conditions in which they are found, but we will tend to opt for the renovation that will bring the trampoline back to a semi-new state.

Meanwhile, to begin with, the advantage of the Guzzi Eugenio branded trampolines is that they have hot-dip galvanization on all the metal components of the frame. Ergo, when there is an opportunity to have a used trampoline it is definitely a bargain as, the frame will be evaluated as used, but basically, thanks to the hot dip galvanizing protection, it will be practically still new.

Finally, you can decide whether to take advantage of our experience for a minimal intervention to make the trampoline usable for at least one season, or you can also opt for a total repair, which will refurbish your trampoline in the eyes of customers, while in reality you it will cost considerably less than the new one, about 30% less than the price of the new one.

You can periodically check this page on which the photos of the used trampolines currently available will be published and you can also contact us for further information.

Used trampolines and other used toys currently available...

– Used 10-seats trampoline.

– Age 14 years.

– Current photos not available.

– Game not yet available.

– Transport and assembly not included.

– Original documents not included.

Piscina palline usata

– Refurbished used ball pool.

– Age 8 years.

– Current photos not available.

– Game available for immediate delivery.

– Transport and assembly not included.

– Identification plate not included.

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