Spare Parts

Spare Parts

We own a special jumping mat type, realized in nylon cord, with elevated elasticity resultant into brilliant performance for those who are able to exploit the power. The lasting of this material guarantee every mat to last at least 4 years before being replaced. And it’s not all. We have a wide range of size in stock, always available for fast shipping within 24-48 hours. We also have a high-performance version of this jumping mat, more specifically designed for gyms and athletes’ practice. It’s of course available for all those who have an exigent audience. But please remember that this is a custom made product so, it’s available only on order.
The metal framework of all Guzzi Eugenio’s trampoline is tough and heavy. And is treated against corrosion or rust, so you don’t have to worry when leave the game outdoor for the winter season, or even if you work by the seaside with aggressive air and humidity. The hot dip galvanization confers to all metal components of the trampoline a very thick layer of Zinc Oxide which self-repairs in case of scratch or damages.
Jumping mat is not the only secret of good jumping performances. In fact, our long (27.5 cm) and stiff springs are realized with a special spring steel, with a high percentage of carbon in the steel to be stiff enough to sustain a weight of more than half a ton on a single jumping net. Springs are also available in stock and ready for fast orders, delivered within 24-48 hours.
In spite of the fact that somebody lack in the containment fencing, at Guzzi Eugenio’s we take the argument very seriously. We use an incredibly resistant fence (each rope needs almost 200 kg tension to be broke) which is also soft enough not to scratch people who crash against it.
Safety paddings are the most underrated component but most of all they affect the safety of the trampoline. This is why we decided to use the best foam, which is also anti-bacterial, in a thickness that guarantees optimal impact absorption and then we covered everything with a sturdy and flame-resistant PVC. This compound finally has been tested by Tüv Rheinland which has elected it suitable for use according to the EN 1176 standard. In short, you can safely fall on our trampolines, because you will not get hurt.


Best quality and premium Design, manufacture and export of trampolines for over 30 years, all over the world


Hot-dip galvanized structure resistant over time, jumping nets with high performance and long life


In accordance with the EN-13814 and EN-1176/1177 standards, certified by TÜV Rheinland


Spare parts for trampolines always available ready for delivery, fast shipping within 24 hours

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Our trampolines are tough and resistant, designed for the heavy-duty stuff. The standard measurements of frame give us the flexibility to be rapid on the production, but we also take into consideration custom models, for example of trampoline parks, which are fully custom made.