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We offer the best performing and longest-lasting trampolines for the amusment parks on the market, designed to guarante excellent performance and resist over time.


Our trampolines for amusement parks are designed to withstand heavy loads and are extremely sturdy and durable. We offer standard sizes for rapid production, but we can also create customized models, such as in trampoline parks.

With our trampolines, your customers can have fun, improve their skills or train for sports competitions. The quality and performance of our products are designed for intensive use and are perfect for commercial purposes.


Are you wondering why you should choose us over other suppliers?

In addition to our vast experience in the sector, we follow our customers every step of the way, from the design phase to delivery, also taking care of delicate processes such as packaging, loading and unloading and even installation.

Furthermore, our elastic trampolines for amusement parks undergo minimal wear over time, requiring little or no maintenance from operators.

uzzi Eugenio has been certified by the TUV Rheinland body since 2004 and everything can also be easily verified on the certifying body’s website. This is evidence of the fact that our products, and the entire production chain, comply with the technical standards of the sector (EN 1176, EN 13219, EN 13814).

It resists brilliantly to any external weather conditions (from mountain snow to desert sun).

It supports any load and load frequency (more than half a ton per single jumping mat, up to
more than 10 million cycles per year).

It overcomes wear and consumption over time (requiring little or no maintenance from operators).

Amaze the expectations of users who can jump for fun, improve their skills or train for sports competitions.


First of all, our trampolines are highly professional products, resistant and long-lasting, designed for intensive use or in any case suitable for people who use the structures for commercial and
work purposes. Therefore, since our typical customers expect our products to last at least ten years in conditions of high stress (difficult climates and/or very high influx of people), we had to design and build our structures with resistance characteristics such that the prices are absolutely not comparable to those of trampolines intended for private use only (e.g. round trampolines on sale in the main shopping centers or on the various e-commerce platforms).
In conclusion, we don’t look at price, but at quality and performance, confident that these two characteristics together will make your business thrive in the long run.

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